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Int’l Freight Forwarding

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Air Freight

We are developing strong partnership with the world’s leading carriers.
We guarantee confirmed space allocations to ensure flexibility in routing.
Our experienced staff will help to provide you an accurate detailed documentation, flight details via e-mail,
fax or verbal confirmation. This will save time and effort for our customers since we will be your
single carrier and only point of contact for all aspects of your shipment.

We offer direct communication with all related parties. We’ll always keep you inform on all
the developments of your shipments. And do our best to facilitate and solve any problems that may rise.

Sea Freight

Negotiating and arrangements with reliable and efficient shipping companies is one of our forte.
We obtain the best rates and options in moving your Full Container Load (FCL) and
Less-Container Load (LCL) around the world by using flexible sailing schedules.
We can also provide direct CONSOLIDATION to all over ASIA and other part of the world.

Land Freight

Smooth flow of International Trade is our main concern. We act as the intermediary firm in facilitating
the transport of cargoes from the point of origin to its point of destination. A constant negotiation of
freight rates with transport providers is our main focus with the aim of
designating and offering the best logistics infrastractures.