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Services Commitment

Tri Axis Worldwide Logistics Phils, Inc. and MB Sunglao Customs Brokerage offers a complete
range of International Frieght Forwarding and Customs Clearance.
We work in close coordination with our client’s staff making them well informed of the status of their cargo.
Our major source is the people. We believe that responsible and dedicated team is the core of our company.
That is why aside from the years of experience, we continously equip them with education and training
to keep them up to date to the trend that is globalization.

We strive to professional service that is personal, reliable and competitive. Our service includes the following:

Import and Export Consolidation

In order to handle small lot of consignment efficiently and competitively, freight forwarder usually put many consignments into one lot then tender to carrier for forwarding. In this case, each consignment will be shipped with one HAWB respectively and all of them will be under one master AWB.

Customs Clearing and Consultation

The procedures involved in getting cargo released by Customs through designated formalities such as presenting import license/permit, payment of import duties and other requidarkblue documentations by the nature of the cargo such as FCC or FDA approval.

Assessment of Duties and Taxes

Assessment of duties, tax imposed on imports by the customs authority of a country. Duties are generally based on the value of the goods (ad valorem duties), some other factors such as weight or quantity (specific duties), or a combination of value and other factors (compound duties).

Project Cargo Shipment Handling

Take the hassle out of moving oversized, heavy, fragile or complex cargo to remote destinations within Philippines or overseas. We have over twenty years experience in global project services. Our team of dedicated, project management professionals will assess your freight transport requirements and have your project cargo delivered on site, on time and on budget.

Door to Door Services

Cargo and Transport Monitoring

Packing and Crating